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What does IBood mean?

IBood means Internet's Best Online Offer Daily

On IBood, a new offer is placed on a daily basis that stays there 24 hours (or shorter, all the purchased stock is sold out). IBood delivers quality products from all kinds of brands at a decent discount, sometimes 10% sometimes 80% of the retail price. One time it's an electronics product, the other time it's cosmetics again, then it's a cable, and then it's a toaster, or a tracksuit. Every day there is something else again. Every now and then there is also a iBood Hunt: There is a different offer each hour on that day, or more if the product is sold out. In IBood Hunt products, the packaging may be damaged, or has already been open. However, the product itself is perfectly fine. So take a look at the offer of the day at IBOOD.

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