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What is St. Patricks Day?

St. Patricks Day is an Irish holiday

Saint Patrick is the most important saint of the Irish, and on St. Patricks Day Honor Irish all over the world this patron saint. In Ireland itself it is called Naomh Pádraig, and it was a missionary in the fifth century. A legend tells that he is driving snakes out of Ireland and used a clover leaf (shamrock) as a symbol of the divine trinity of the Catholic Geloof.St. Patricks Day is on March 17, and the Irish then wear frequent green clothing, and in some Irish communities are also given green beer or fountains and rivers are green colored. According to tradition, the church is visited on this day, green clothing is worn and marks the end of the Lent period (so you can enjoy food and drinks again). In Ireland there are parades and fireworks, open-air concerts and other festivities everywhere on this day. In New York (with a large Irish community) there is every year the oldest and largest parade in the world. Not only do the Irish celebrate this day, even other believers celebrate this day, and this day is almost always in Lent. Looking for St. Patricks Day party articles, buy them here.

Pictures of St. Patricks Day.

St. Patrick's Day Parade [YouTube] NwGZ3YFm_s0 [/youtube]

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