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What is expectation management?

Expectation management is managing the expectation

It is the art of influencing where there is room for planned work. With each change in an organization, or in a project, the expectations of the stakeholders are crucial. If the delivered product does not meet the expectations then it is a bad delivery. Even if it meets the pre-set requirements. The expectation is different, so it doesn't meet. This can be managed by the expectation of the parties concerned to lead consciously towards the change (without too much manipulation). When unexpected information comes up every time, or when the information is unfair, it is not possible to do the expected management. It is only when the result is better than the expectations of the person concerned that they are satisfied. Tips to meet expectations:

  • Clearly discuss the results and expectations beforehand
  • Do not take assumptions, and lay down all appointments
  • Inform all parties involved about what efforts are needed
  • Be realistic
  • Monitor continuous progress
  • Communicate early and often

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