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What is a kimono?

A kimono is a garment

Literally translated from Japanese it means: what someone wears. It is traditional, a loose robe/gown with wide sleeves which is dichtgebondened with a belt. Small items can be taken In the belt (obi). Kimonos are worn on official occasions as weddings or a tea ceremony. The sleeve length varies by occasion, and in the winter period several layers are worn. To keep the tradition alive, special courses are given that can be followed. Traditional kimonos are made of silk and are expensive (50,000 euros or more), most are therefore also passed on from mother to daughter. Normally a kimono will take three generations. With the current clothing industry there are also kimonos available that are affordable. A kimono of a young girl is usually more cheerfully colored than that of older women. For men, the kimonos are often completely dark.

Images of kimonos

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