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What is Qat?

Qat is a light stimulant drug

Qat is the leaf of the plant Catha Edulis, when chewed on it reduced that feeling of fatigue and hunger. Qat is mainly cultivated (and used) in Yemen, Somalia and Kenya. From Kenya It is exported to many countries, especially to former inhabitants of the aforementioned countries, here is some haste because Qat can only be used fresh. Because Qat does not occur in the Dutch Opium law, its use is not illegal. When used, the alertness increases and a slight form of euphoria, hyperactivity, talk sigh, excitement and the aforementioned suppression of fatigue and hunger arises. In the long term, the use of Qat can lead to insomnia, lack of appetite, increased blood pressure, increase in body temperature and high blood pressure.

Chewing Khat, Legal Speed [YouTube] SDh7q3Nus6I [/youtube]

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