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What does Sabreen mean?

Sabreen is opening Champagne with a sabre

Sabreen is an art, and the tradition of sabreing originated in the time of Napoleon. The word sabreen is therefore derived from the French word for Sabre: ' Sabre '. The Champagne bottle is held in one hand, with the cork of the body away. With the other hand one strikes the sheet of the saber, along the neck of the bottle against the research of the edge. Because of the internal pressure and the thrust, the rim breaks along the seam with the neck and flies away (with the cork still in it). This technique is simple, but needs to be done with caution. In normal use, there are no risks of glass shards in the Champagne itself, as these are blown away by the escaping gas. The sabreen is often done at solemn meetings such as a wedding.

Champagne uncorked, you sabret the bottle [YouTube] qIL42Bp8KIc [/youtube]

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