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What is a selfage?

A self-portrait

A self-image is a photograph taken with a smartphone distributed via Social Media. It's a picture of yourself that you have created which often creates pictures that are poorly exposed, give a weird picture because they are taken from very close, or where someone is only half on because they can't see what is shown on the screen. Many people use selfies as profile images for example Facebook and make selfies when they are out with friends a night out. In England, halfway 2013, a survey of about 2000 people was conducted about selfies. This shows that most of the selfies are shared via Facebook (almost half of the 35 million monthly selfies), a quarter of the people who have made a self-departing have also made a sexy self and that especially the men first edit the photo before they Putting it online. Late last year, the word selfage was even in the top 10 list of buzz words of Times Magazine, and the first use was in 2005. If you take a picture with friends, this is sometimes called a Twosie (2 people in the picture) or a Threesie (with 3 people in the picture).


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