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What is Infobesitas?

Infobesitas is information abundance

Infobesitas is a new trend, but also a new disease that occurs especially among young people. Frequently heard complaints are: concentration problems, fatigue, sleep deprivation. People who suffer from Infobesitas are afraid to miss something, or not to hear about it. With the advent of the Internet, a tsunami of information is fired, but the youngsters also search for it themselves with the various network sites, SMS messages or WhatsApp messages. The (stunted) adolescent body is prone to reactions and feedback from others, with the use of a smartphone comes with continuous temptation. For many parents it is new and unknown, and also does not know what they can do about it. More than 30 years ago, the phenomenon has already been discussed in the book Future Shock: It describes that the brain has limits on the amount of information it can take on (and process)

Infobesitas [YouTube] tss6nKkB34c [/youtube]

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