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What is SIM-only?

Sim-Only is a separate subscription

Making cheap calls and saving on your smartphone's subscription costs is a challenge for many consumers. In many cases, the purchase of a SIM only subscription is a godsend. In this way, the costs are limited to the purchase of the SIM card and the corresponding subscription. However, there are more benefits that make purchasing a subscription with a loose SIM card profitable:

  • The cost of the smartphone is not hidden in the subscription fee
  • You are completely free to choose the provider you want to
  • You don't have to close an expensive subscription to reduce the cost of purchasing a smartphone

What is sim only

Basically, it's nothing but a phone subscription where you only buy a SIM card. It is therefore considerably cheaper than a regular subscription where you also receive a smartphone. The cost of purchasing a smartphone is ' hidden ' in the subscription fee for an ordinary subscription. In many cases, depending on the type of subscription, you get a discount on the purchase of the smartphone. Almost every telecom provider gives you the choice between paying a one-time fee for the phone or an additional contribution. This extra contribution increases the cost of your subscription.

Sim only: What should you look for

When you purchase a subscription with a separate SIM card, you do not pay for the cost of a smartphone. So you can choose whether you want to continue using your current device, or rather buy a separate handset. In all cases you are cheaper to purchase a separate SIM card. If you are considering using a subscription with a separate SIM card, please note that your current handset does not have a SIM lock. This means that your current device accepts any SIM card and is not bound to any provider. If you prefer to buy a new appliance, it is always unlocked.

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