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What does Makey mean?

The Makey is a uitvinderskit

Makey is a merging of two English words: Make and key (create and key). With the set you can take over the keyboard of the computer with two simple wires. The Makey is educational toys for both beginners of 2 years, and experts of 70 years. The two simple threads (also called crocodiles-clasps) get stuck to the makey makeup and to another thing, for example an apple. By touching the apple you make a stroomrking and send the Makey makey a command to the computer. For the computer It makes no difference, which does not know that it is an apple, and it can be just a mouse for him. Order your own kit at

A brief explanation of the Makey Makey [YouTube] UiFlqXEbnts [/youtube]

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