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What is Bop It Smash?

Bop It Smash is toys

Bop It Smash is a Razendspel action game where you have to press the smash buttons at the right time to catch the flash. There are three different game options: Solo, pass, more people. The game is suitable for boys and girls, from a year or 8 and has been nominated for toys of the year 2012. Once the lights are blinking from left to right, the game starts and you have to start smashing at the right time. The closer you reach the blue button in the middle, the more points you get. You need to respond more quickly to improve your high score or beat your friends. In The pass mode you can only pass the device when it is successful to smash at the right time.

Bop It Smash Quick Review [YouTube] 4SIryVXvODI [/youtube]

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