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What is Squla?

Squla is an online platform

Squla (pronounced Skoela) is an online platform in the field of education, it is a way to seduce primary school pupils also outside the obligatory school times to go with the curriculum. Squla is an online game that cleverly uses online games and social media: it hooks up to the need of children to sit at the computer after school time. By gaming at Squla there are points to earn which you can get credit, or a bioscoopbon. Squla has a partnership with the audience and is mainly intended for learning from Group 6, 7 and 8. Squla's Questions align with the teaching methods and the Leerlingvolgsysteem. The questions are grouped into different subjects so that specific subjects can be practised.

Squla Learning can be fun (really)! [YouTube] KV-SWWH2MCc [/youtube]

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