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What does SSL mean?

SSL means Secure sockets Layer

SSL is the protocol that is widely used for online environments where you send (personal) data. It provides a secure connection between a Web server and an Internet browser. This connection ensures that all data sent between the server and the browser remains secret to others and cannot be stolen or edited. SSL is used by millions of websites to secure data, and you can recognize them by the lock in the browser, and the https://in the browser's address bar. To use SSL, an SSL certificate is required, which shows who owns the website, and who issued the certificate. Visitors to the website can see that their personal data is safely handled and that malicious users cannot listen to them. Since the emergence of the internet there is already cybercrime, but where at the beginning only large companies attacked it now does not matter anymore and every website owner is a potential victim. It is therefore important for everyone to secure the website with a SSL certificate. In addition, Google search engine now gives priority to SSL websites over sites that do not have SSL. If you want to have a SSL certificate for your website, please have a look at Versio for a secure website. There are several types of SSL certificates that not only differ in the price that must be paid but also in what the end user sees. For example, for a more extensive SSL certificate, the user will also see the full company name, especially when it comes to personal data or in financial products, it is advisable to take a more extensive certificate. For a ' house Garden and Kitchen website ' that might be a bit too exaggerated. The installation is also a little bit different per certificate, you can also understand that with a more extensive SSL certificate there are more steps. For example, it is possible that the supplier will also have actual controne, or you are indeed who you say you are. A check can be done at the KvK, there can be a call or the order is correct, etc.

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