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What is sprinkle salt?

Sprinkle salt is salt against smoothness

Basically salt is salty, but it is not advisable to use sprinkle salt to cook, it is not pure enough usually. Scatter cars are loaded with a mixture of salt and brine (salt water). The melting point of this is 10 degrees lower than water, thus creating a pekellaag that freezes below the minus 10 degrees. Sprinkle salt also only makes sense if it freezes less than 10 degrees. At a temperature of 5 degrees below zero, approximately one kilo of salt is needed to melt 11.5 kilos of ice. In the case of preventive sprinkling, less salt is needed, which is why there is often a preventive spread in Europe. It can also be sprinkled if it freezes much harder, then calcium chloride will have to be used, however this is worse for the environment (and more expensive). Brine reacts heavily on metals, and therefore cars must also be well protected against oxidation. For this reason, calcium-magnesium acetate or urea is often used on airports.

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