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What is Path?

Path is a Friends app

Path is an app and (for now) no website. Path is doomed to communicate more personally and qualitatively with your real friends, and this is done by using the app where you place things on a personal timeline (a path). The comparison with Facebook is made quickly but is not justified. On Facebook you can check in a location, share photos and movies, give general status updates, and this can be all with Path. The difference with Path is that there is a limit of 150 friends on site, and that there is therefore no web version of the software. The maximum number of 150 comes from the Dunbar number (assuming that a person can have up to 150 friends). Path has no ' like ' button but five different emotions that you can give as a response:

  • Smile
  • Fronzen
  • Surprise
  • Laugh
  • Love

Path offers the opportunity to indicate who has seen your updates/photos, aiming to continue talking offline.


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