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What does TriVaGo mean?

TriVaGo is a search and book site

Trivago was founded in 2005 by a few friends. They figured out how to combine a search engine with a travel information portal but that would work other than a general search engine. The travel industry is an industry where price information and availability change rapidly, so it needs a different search approach. At the end of 2005 the site was already quite nice, and the growth continued steadily. Trivago is now an international community and has millions of visitors every month. On the site you can book a hotel for the cheapest fare, this does it by comparing prices to different booking platforms. On the site you can also see user reviews and whether the price including breakfast is for example.

Travellers and the Trivago Hotel Test [YouTube] axb7PUzW5X4 [/youtube]

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