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What does VOC mean?

VOC means Vereenigde East India Compagnie

The VOC was founded in 1602 when merchants decided to work together. The VOC was the largest shipping company in the world. Dutch merchants made agreements with important people in the East Indies, so that only the VOC could buy goods (FAR). The VOC established a trade network between various trading stations in the Asian region, this region made many years for large profits. The VOC was in possession of its own army and warships to enforce (if necessary) the trade with the local population. In The early years, people were working to expel the Portuguese from Asian trading posts and to keep other competitors at bay. Voyages of discovery were stimulated by the VOC in the hope of faster connections and new commercial products. At the height of the VOC, 25,000 employees were employed in Asia, around 3,000 in the Netherlands.

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