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What does it mean?

As means amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

As is a muscular disease diagnosed in approximately 1000 people in the Netherlands. In 5 to 10% of cases it is a hereditary form of like. Usually the disease does not cause pain and the senses usually remain intact. However, all muscles are (eventually) done. In people with if something goes wrong with the nerve pathways that form the connection between brain and muscles. Because the cells of these nerve pathways fall out, no more signals are added to the muscles, which causes no more functioning.

Usually the diagnosis can only be made after a year with some certainty, because at the outset there is only a problem of vague complaints (tired, muscle weakness). Because the muscles decrease in strength, simple actions such as stair walking, or opening a box can become increasingly difficult and more energy demands. At 1/3 of the cases the phenomena begin in mouth and throat: problems with swallowing, slight change of voice. The phenomena are gradually increasing, but can also stand still for some people for a while. The rate at which the disease spread is therefore different from person to person.

College about as [YouTube] Kfy44gQyuBM [/youtube]

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