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What does BiSL mean?

BiSL means Business Information Services Library

BiSL is a framework in which processes of functional management and information management are described. BiSL provides grabs to streamline and capture communication that is central to the user's demand. Two important questions in the methodology are "who does what?" and "who is responsible for?". Because these issues have been answered and recorded, the communication will be more flexible (you know where to go). BiSL is located at the interface of ICT and the business process.

BiSL is designed to include To solve the following problems:

  • No insight into the cost of applications
  • Users do not know where to go with questions
  • There is no time to test by users
  • The system does not meet the expectations
  • The builder does not understand what is asked of him

More information about BiSL can be found on this website.

Impression BiSL Foundation Training [YouTube] TRwr6bbWxRk [/youtube]

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