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What does HIDH mean?

HIDH means Holland in da Hood

Holland in da Hood is a TV program that is broadcast by RTL5. The program follows 8 ' polder rappers ' that are released in Los Angeles. The 8 rappers: G-Low, Kinkelkid, MCBiggah, Jimsky, Dymanite, P2, Lee-Yo and Otie radiate 100% Dutch hiphop, but do they survive in the hood? Famous rapper Willia gibberish is the presenter of the program and supervised the 8 rappers. The program has no elimination rounds, but they can earn prizes and work on their hip-hop skills. The program concludes with an audition at a record company.

Holland In Da Hood-The Official Promo [YouTube] t-QZFyE6KLA [/youtube]

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