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What does AR mean?

AR means augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (often abbreviated as AR) is a technique that has been in development in recent years. 2009 seems to be the year of the breakthrough. It boils down to the fact that with technical possibilities (digital) images are projected on reality. Thus, information is added to the image you currently have in mind. Augmented reality is often used in museums, in the automotive and aircraft industries, in the medical world and also in amusement parks.

AR makes the difference between the virtual world and the world we live ever smaller, because it creates a user-friendly interface that feels natural. The Dutch translation would be: added reality (TR), but this is almost not used.

The Dutch company SPRXMobile has (in its own words) released the first mobile augmented reality browser for the Android platform. In addition, Wikitude has also become known by their AR on the Android platform.

Layar, Worlds first mobile augmented Reality browser

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