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What does BCC mean?

BCC stands for Bakker Carel and Cana

BCC exists since 1969 is a successful electro-retailer. BCC buys (as part of the Darty group) large, so that one can offer profitable products to the consumer. BCC offers as many sustainable choices as possible and takes recycling seriously: it ensures that old products are processed in an environmentally friendly manner. BCC also offers energy-saving products, shops and offices are equipped with energy-saving measures and adhere to the highest standards of child labour and environment. Bcc started in 1945 as a shop in Amsterdam by Herman Bakker, and in 1969 it was taken over by his sons after which it became BCC. Since 1997, the group has been in the hands of Kingfisher, which later became a darty. The slogan of BCC is: Low prices High Service.

BCC Commercial [YouTube] bft3uBmaTYk [/youtube]

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