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What does BPO mean?

BPO means Business Process Outsourcing

BPO is when an external party assumes responsibility for a whole process of a company (processes that do not belong to the core tasks). BPO is not the solution to all problems, it must be clear beforehand what tasks are being outsourced and what objectives one wants to achieve. It is often the case of BPO for a longer period (3 to 7 years) because it has no purpose to outsource, it must have the time to be well done. At the same time, levels of service are agreed: When outsourcing the Loondadministratie, it will be the number of error-free wage strips sent per month. Often it is a question of labour-intensive tasks, because it is expected to be able to save costs by using BPO (staff costs are often the highest cost). Also at repetitive work with high volumes it can be worthwhile to deploy the BPO.

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