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What does triple-play mean?

Triple play means Internet, TV and calls

Triple-play means that you are taking both Internet, landline calls and (interactive) television with one provider. Sometimes it is also called Multiplay, 3-in-1, all in 1 or a total package. Meanwhile, there are many households that are declining because it is often cheaper to take everything from one provider instead of a separate Internet subscription from one provider and a TV subscription from your cable provider. In addition, extra discounts are often given in the first few months. In this case, the annual change is the most advantageous. A triple-play package has the advantage that you only get one bill and you only have one point of contact if there is something. In case of a malfunction, that is a disadvantage. Then it may be best that you can not make Internet, but also do not call or watch TV. There are providers that offer triple-play via ADSL or VDSL, but also via cable or fiber optic. All these connections allow both Internet, TV and landline calls. The difference is mainly in maximum achievable speed. Fiber is the fastest, cable comes close to it and VDSL is the slowest. However, VDSL is usually a lot cheaper than the other techniques. Comparing well on a comparison site for everything in 1 is therefore advisable.

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