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What does CBG mean?

CBG means College to assess medicinal products

The CBG is an organisation which (on behalf of the Dutch government) assesses and monitors the efficacy, risks and quality of medicinal products. The CBG is partly responsible for the authorisation of medicinal products in the European Union and is responsible for the Dutch market. According to the Geneesmiddelenwet, the college is appointed by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport and consists of doctors, pharmacists and other scientists. Before a medicinal product can be placed on the market in the Netherlands, it must receive a registration of the CBG, the CBG will also indicate whether the medicinal product will be available exclusively with or without prescription. When a new foodstuff is placed on the market, a part of the CBG (new food agency) will assess whether this is safe for the consumer. More information on the website of the CBG.

CBG Collegedag 2012 [YouTube] Mqh0a2vX5Nc [/youtube]

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