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What does CJP mean?

CJP means cultural youth passport

The CJP pas is a pass that allows you as a youngster (up to 30 years) to get a discount on tickets for concerts, theatre, films, magazines, insurance, the newspaper and other cultural activities. The organization behind the CJP gets no subsidy from the government, but comes to money by selling the pass (and also gets money from sponsors). CJP makes it possible to broaden the cultural horizons of young people and to develop a cultural taste. A human being is formed by creativity and inspiration from all possible art forms, but it is often too expensive. The CJP offers discounts and cultural information and also hopes to discover the younger culture. More information can be found on the website of the CJP.

CJP culture Map-Das pas handy! YouTube HpSAqVeKTdU [/youtube]

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