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What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is a meditation form

Mindfulness is self-aware of what is happening and being in touch with what you are experiencing. The origin of mindfulness lies with Buddhism (as part of the Eightfold Path) and has been applied for thousands of years by various forms of Buddhism. In the West, mindfulness has become known by a exiled Vietnamese monk who lived in France. It is a life stance characterised by acceptance of inevitable positive (and negative) experiences. Often terms such as attention training, acceptance, attention without judgment and ' in the here-and-now are present ' are mentioned when one talks about mindfulness. People start mindfulness to experience more rest and less to worry about, to better cope with stress, to be able to focus better or to be able to relax.

Mindfulness-Episode 1: Basic meditation [YouTube] HVBJuQ_mQjs [/youtube]

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