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What does DTP mean?

DTP means Desk Top Publishing

Formatting pages of a magazine, book, folder, etc. Using the computer is called DTP. If you translate this into Dutch you will find about ' publishing the agency ', which means that everyone could do it. With tools like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress It is indeed possible to create beautiful and professional material.

DTP is the abbreviation of diphtheria, tetanus and Polio

Diphtheria is a global occurrence, but most countries have a vaccinatieprogrammma. Also tetanus occurs all over the world. Polio is no longer in the Western countries due to the quality of vaccination programs. All three disorders are prevented by the DTP vaccination (most people born after 1950 have received this vaccination by the Netherlands vaccination. Diphtheria is a bacterium in which the disease image can be very variable. Common symptoms include strep throat, fever and inflamed lymph nodes. Diphtheria can cause paralysis and inflammation of the heart muscle, which can lead to a fatal outcome. The tetanus bacterium spreads through the blood and affects the central nervous system. This can cause severe muscular cramping. Polio (polio) is also called child paralysis and is a virus infection, although the name child paralysis is often used, it also occurs in adults.

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