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What does ERTMS mean?

ERTMS means European Rail Traffic Management System

The ERTMS system is the European standard for influencing train and railway signalling. Systems that meet the standard are interchangeable: a train with equipment from manufacturer 1 can handle railsapparatuur from manufacturer 2. Internal systems differ from one another, causing a problem for cross-border rail traffic. ERTMS has been created to remove these obstacles. The most important functions of the ERTMS:

  • Signalling: The system pass Rijtoestemmingen on to the trains (and they apply to a certain point). The equipment on the train monitors the maximum speed continuously and passes when braking is required. When the train approaches the end of the rijtoestemming, speed is reduced to the moment of the end point at which the speed will be 0 km/h.
  • Treinb├»nvloeding: If the train is driving harder than allowed and the Machinist/train driver is not responding time, the ERTMS system will intervene and stop the train.

The ERTMS is not a physical product, but a specification, which makes it possible for every company to create ERTMS equipment which still allows competition.

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