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What does FAS mean?

FAS means fetal Alcohol syndrome

FAS is an alcohol-induced abnormality at birth. If the mother drinks 6 glasses of alcohol per day, the risk of FAS arises and that affects the baby and the child. Often the birth defects can be seen: low birth weight, low length, small skull. After birth, the child usually grows slower than normal and sometimes facial abnormalities are visible (flat nose, narrow upper lip and narrow oogspleetjes). Many FAs children sleep badly and cry often, at a later age they are hyper active and have difficulty concentrating. The children have neurological damage that are permanent. This often occurs in low IQ, mental lag and memory disorders. FAS can also occur to a lesser extent, so that not all characteristics are revealed. Also, a child can have FAS when the mother is drinking little, but occasionally more than 6 glasses. FAS is one of the main reasons for underdevelopment of the brain. More information can be found on the website Fasproject.


FAS Project film from the White Forest on Vimeo.

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