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What does GHB mean?

GHB means Gamma Hydroxy butyrate

GHB is a drug that is often sold in pubs, and is a white powder that is dissolved in a beverage. GHB tastes a little salty. A small bit of GHB has the same effect as alcohol (a kind of intoxication), when a larger use is made of an anesthetic. The effect will enter into force after a small half hour and can last up to 3 hours in length. In addition, GHB takes away existing inhibitions and gives you the feeling of being able to get around the world, in some cases it can cause hallucinations or the feeling of dizziness. GHB attacks the short-term memory, so the next day you can't remember things. Because GHB causes your heart rate to slow down and the muscle function does not work well, it can have great consequences: you can choke in your own vomit, a sagging tongue can cause you to no longer breathe and there is a chance that you will become a coma. GHB is often called a ' rape drug ' because sexual inhibition is also going away.

GHB, Rave and Club Drugs-educational Anti-Drug Video PSA [YouTube] KulEcdd6IcE [/youtube]

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