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What does IPMA mean?

IPMA means International Project Management Association

The IPMA belongs to the largest project management association in the world, and is known by the certifications they spend. The IPMA is represented in more than 50 countries and has its head office in Zwtiserland. The certification describes 4 levels to indicate the differences in experience and level. This level is not only for the project manager itself, but also for the projects to which leadership is given. The IPMA certification thus offers clarity about the knowledge and skills of the project manager, which is therefore clear for the customer, the employer and the project manager himself. There are four-level IPMA certificates, from starting manager (level D) to the experienced responsible program manager in the organization's highest management (level A):

  • IPMA-D: Certified Project Management Associate
  • IPMA-C: Certified Project Manager
  • IPMA-B: Certified Senior Project Manager
  • IPMA-A: Certified Projects Director

More information about IPMA can be found on the website.

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