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What does gypsum flight mean?

Gypsum flight means flight with injured

A gypsum flight is a special flight service that has been set up by the various switchboards of the ANWB, Allianz Global Assistance, SOS International, Euro Cross Assistence and VHD Alarm Centre in collaboration with the insurance companies. A board is people who have suffered an injury during the winter sports, this is often a ski or snowboard injury, but you may also have an injury on the street or in the Apres-ski bar. Most injured people must be transported in landscape and after arrival in the Netherlands they are transported as close as possible to a hospital near the place of residence by ambulance or taxi. Annually about 1500 people go back home on a plaster flight. The summer counterpart also has its own name: Parasol flight.

The gypsum flight [YouTube] 7EyjPmdcb1E [/youtube]

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