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What is Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi is a virtual pet

End 1996 came the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai with the Tamagotchi. A Tamagotchi has the shape of an egg (about 5cm in diameter) and has a small LCD screen with three buttons. The egg can be used as a keychain, so the owner always has his virtual pet. Tamagotchi was created by the two words ' tamago ' (the Japanese word for egg) and ' watch ', the English word for clock. It became a big craze and by the different colors also another collectibles. Worldwide, more than 75 million of the virtual pet is sold. When the Tamgotchi turns on, an egg comes on the screen and after a while this egg comes out. Then you have to take care of the beast, this is done with the three buttons. Just like a real pet you have to give the food, you can play with it, it must sleep, it must clean up, and if it is sick you should also give it medicine. The age of the Tamagotchi depends on how often it is cared for and varies from a few days to a few weeks. In The heyday the toys were banned in schools because it was going to distract the children too much. There are also several versions of the Tamagotchi released later. With the latest version you can keep the critters together and so they can become friends and share messages. With proper care they can also marry and even get a baby, the Tama baby.

Tamagotchi ID [YouTube] NrMM0nIesHc [/youtube]

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