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What does shingles mean?

Shingles is a sudden-occurring skin reaction

Another name for shingles is ' herpes zoster ' or ' zona '. The person who suffers from shingles gets blisters on the (red) skin, very similar to chickenpox. On the fuselage these blisters have the shape of a belt, which is why it is called shingles. Shingles suddenly enter, and is often very painful. Shingles stems from the chickenpox virus that remains in the spinal cord. When the resistance becomes less, these old virus cells can become active again, and thus the painful skin reaction shingles arises. Shingles begins with itching and tingling at a certain spot on the skin (often around the abdomen) after a few days, the damp blisters that turn into crusts will come up here. When the blisters are present on the skin, shingles is contagious and the virus can be transmitted through the fluid of the blisters. Read the patientenbrief about shingles here.

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