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What does HACCP mean?

HACCP means Hazard Analysis and critical Control Points

HACCP is a risk inventory for foodstuffs, the Dutch translation is: Hazard Analysis and critical critical. The control process ensures that the production process of all foodstuffs is accompanied by the minimum possible risk of contamination. HACCP stems from space travel and is based on 7 principles:

  1. Identify all potential dangers.
  2. Determine the critical critical (CCP's), the points in the process where the risk can be prevented or restricted
  3. Specify the critical boundaries per CCP.
  4. Determine how the CCP's guards are either "monitored".
  5. Capture the corrective actions per CCP that should lead to security recovery
  6. Apply verification — A periodic check to verify that the HACCP approach is working properly.
  7. Keep documentation and registrations — record what you've customized and how.

Companies should apply this system to their own situation and define what measures are being taken to prevent contamination, what controls are being carried out and what the results are. HACCP is a preventive system that the company itself is responsible for.

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