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What are airplane stripes?

Airplane stripes are Condenssporen

The (mostly) white condenssporen behind airplanes are artificial clouds: the exhaust gases of an airplane engine ensure that the amount of water vapour and soot particles behind the aircraft increases. The extreme cold on the plane's height (approximately-40 degrees Celsius) ensures that this air can contain only a little water vapour. The additional water vapour leads therefore to the formation of clouds in the form of ice crystals. These aircraft stripes are also called contrails, which again comes from ' condensation ' and ' trails '. The colour is determined by the position of the sun compared to The streaks (and also the observer). The stripes betray a lot about the atmosphere: when they solve quickly, it indicates a dry air. When they slowly dissolve (and grow them) then there is usually a weather change coming up.

Images of airplane stripes

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