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What does HPV mean?

HPV means human PapillomaVirus

Papillomaviruses can cause abnormal cell growth of the skin and may also cause warts. In addition, a HV infection can also increase the likelihood of developing some cancer forms. There are more than 100 HPV types known, most are rare and harmless, some types are seen as an STI. About 30 types of HPV are seen as STI, where genital warts can occur. Most people with an HPV infection do not suffer from this and also notice nothing (about 80% of all people have been infected or have ever been infected). The HPV types that cause normal warts on hands and feet are spread through skin-to-skin contact, also it is possible to get these types of warts when sharing towels for example.

Introduction to HPV [YouTube] sHxm3crp4Yk [/youtube]

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