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What is a mindmap?

A mindmap is a diagram of your thoughts

A mindmap is a diagram consisting of concepts, texts, images or relationships that are organized in the form of a tree structure. A mindmap is often used to support creative processes and to learn and memorize them. One starts the Mindmap by devising a central theme and scoring it in the middle of the diagram. Next, consider (and note) your subjects that have a relationship with the theme. In the same way, you can record subtopics of these topics again. For the overview You use keywords or icons and not with long texts. When you use Mindmap software it is possible to add long texts, which are then initially not available but only on request. By means of lines relationships are laid on and with color the ordering can be further clarified. The British psychologist Tony Buzan is the creator of the MindMap and developed his theory in the years 60. By working with the BBC, there was a series of television programmes where the MINDMAP was central.

Maxi mise the Power of Your Brain-Tony Buzan MIND MAPPING [YouTube] MlabrWv25qQ [/youtube]

How to use a Mindmap [YouTube] L0XzZCd2tPE [/youtube]

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