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What does IKB mean?

IKB means integral chain control

IKB is a system that has been developed since the years 90 to guarantee the quality of cattle, meat and eggs. A company can voluntarily participate in IKB. When you participate, the rules must be adhered to. The IKB conditions differ per link in the production chain and per animal species but are often stricter than the law. IKB are not subject to any additional requirements aimed at animal welfare or the environment. The hallmark for IKB indicates that additional checks are carried out throughout the production chain (production, transport, processing). The legal requirements for animal feed, drug use, animal welfare, food safety, etc. are examined. Is met. The IKB has been developed to provide guarantees about the quality of the product, its origin and the way it is produced. The following IKB systems are known:

  • IKB Chicken (Vleeskuikenhouderij);
  • IKB Rabbit (Meat rabbit sector);
  • IKB PSB (poultry tyre);
  • IKB Egg (legpluimveesector).

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