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What does JMU mean?

JMU means you make Utrecht

The website is a place we can take your initiative, but where you can also think about plans and also work on plans of the municipality. Do you want to know what is happening nearby and where you can exert influence? On JMU you will find an overview of initiatives in the city of Utrecht and the different districts. The site is still under development, but in the future JMU is the starting point for all the participation paths of the municipality, where you can also add simplicity initiatives. 4 types of initiatives can be found on JMU:

  • Own initiatives: these are for the collective importance of neighbourhood, district or city;
  • Management by residents: initiatives where residents themselves manage part of the public Space (park, small piece of garden);
  • Liveability initiatives: Supported from the municipality with a contribution from the liveability budget;
  • Participation pathways: Here The municipality asks residents and entrepreneurs to think along about plans of the municipality.

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