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What does LARP mean?

LARP means Live Action Role Playing

LARP is in Dutch simply: live action role play: It's about playing a certain character in a fantasy world. LARP usually takes place on a large terrain (forest, field) that actually becomes a kind of open-air theatre. A player of the story himself invented a character and tries to act on the personality of this invented character. Other players react to the events and each other, in which almost all actions are improvised. Examples of fantasy worlds for LARP are for example: Vikings, Romans, Dungeons & Dragons, vampires, Star Trek, etc. The organization of the LARP has often invented a main plot, but how it is developed to the players. A LARP game is often a weekend long, and can possibly be prosecuted later if you still have enough plot developments. LARP can go quite far, usually one is also geschminkt and one has clothing that suits the character. When one is very deep in the story, it is difficult to let go of this and some players often remain a bit in the character when the LARP weekend is over.

Larping Documentary (Character creation) [YouTube] G3TEG9KbHSU [/youtube]

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