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What does LEGO mean?

LEGO is a (Danish) toy manufacturer

LEGO has become familiar with the coloured kunstofblokjes that you can make of it all. The cubes are sold under the name LEGO, and it has become a kind of name for the toy blocks. LEGO comes from "LEg GOdt" which is Danish for toys. From 1932, the name Lego was used, in the beginning it was mainly about furniture made under the name Lego. From 1947, the well-known blocks (with at the top round studs and hollow at the bottom) of plastic were produced under license. In 1957, LEGO patented the improvement of the tubes at the bottom, where there were even more ways to make the stones together. At the beginning one made blocks of poor quality, but slowly the quality went up and the stones were increasingly sold. From 1966 the LEGO train system is available and in 1969 one came with Duplo (Duplo cities are larger and not small parts). The LEGO manufacturer is the largest toy manufacturer in Europe and is on place 4 worldwide. Lego's slogan is: From Lego you can make everything.

The LEGO Story [YouTube] NdDU_BBJW9Y [/youtube]

What can you do with Lego, see images of Lego here

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