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What does PET design mean?

PET means Persuasion, Emotion and Trust

PET design is becoming increasingly important in the online world. In the advertisements we see temptation every day, but how does this work online where the user can and wants to determine everything? PET design is a methodical that evaluates conviction, emotion and trust of a website. It is also sometimes called persuasive design: usability looks at what users can do, and with persuasive design you look at what the users are actually going to do. The modern web world is based on the group feeling, loyalty and confidence in the creator of the website. Basically, you have to make sure that a user trusts your website, that it creët an emotional band and that it will take the user to action. PET design starts with a search for the user: what are the expectations and brings the user to your website.

7 principles that make your website more engaging [YouTube] 3J85SUZFXNM [/youtube]

Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET) design in action [YouTube]-JjHtke2Yew [/youtube]

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