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What does PVC mean?

PVC means poly vinyl chloride

PVC is hard plastic, or hard plastics and has as base petroleum and salt. Naturally, PVC is hard, by adding softeners it can be made smoothly. Hard PVC is used in toys, dashboards and, for example, gutters. Soft PVC in floor coverings, hoses and foils. To see these examples you can already read that PVC is applied in many products because it is strong, light weight and different ways to edit. Vinyl is actually a different name for PVC: For a floor in a factory one is talking about a PVC floor in a consumer floor usually vinyl (often it is also in rolls). A construction market drainage tube is of PVC and an LP plate is of vinyl. PVC was discovered by chance in 1838 and is actually rediscovered in 1872. Both discoveries concerned a white solid. Only in 1926 a usable PVC was available.

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