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What does SOPA mean?

SOPA means Stop Online Piracy Act

The SOPA is a proposal for a law that is being considered in America to actually introduce. It is an attempt to counteract (web) piracy worldwide, it is such a great that it could be the end of a free internet. SOPA gives companies the ability to create a complete site unreachable and that the domain name is removed from the search engines, if there is a copyright infringement. The weird thing about this is that not the placer of the content is penalized, but the website. So if someone puts a copyright video on YouTube, the entire site should be closed to the world. The law means that there is no need for a judge, and the removal can take place almost immediately. Many companies disagree with this and have indicated that they do not want to cooperate with this legislation. The bill was submitted on 26 October 2011, with the idea of combating piracy. But the strength and the possibilities can impair the counterproductive use of freedom of expression. It could mean that the Internet can change from now on to an internet like the Chinese know: everything is censored and the government decides what to see or not.

WTF is SOPA? aka The American Government trying to ruin the Internet [YouTube] JhwuXNv8fJM [/youtube]

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