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What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most common name, often colloquially called the cloud. The Cloud has been brought to the attention of most people by the new works. The Cloud makes it possible for several people to work at home or on the go, no matter where a person is physically located. This is because many documents (and often also software) are available online somewhere, and no longer on the internal network at the company. The problem with the cloud is that there are many terms that everyone often just interprets something else. There is such a thing as Cloud Servers, Cloud Hosting, Clous Storage, etc. Perhaps an example is most convenient to make matters clearer. Previously you worked at a company and started a piece of software (for example MsExcel) and you opened an Excel sheet with your information from the network and you started to work on it. The software was on your desktop PC at work, and the Excel sheet was also found somewhere on the network. From home you couldn't possibly come to the information with your MAC.

Today, many pieces of software are available that you can consult online, whether you're watching it with a desktop PC, a Mac, or your phone. The Cloud is meant to store software, or files, or photos somewhere, outside the company. A good example for most people is a service like Flickr. This also puts your photos down somewhere, so that other people can view it.

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