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What does traineeship mean?

A traineeship is a start-up job

At a traineeship you are employed by a company and you follow a training course in which you meets with various departments. The idea is that you will get to know the company by working on different departments or functions to find out what suits you best. Although a traineeship is similar to an internship, it is quite different: in a traineeship you have a lot of responsibility, so you can show what you have in your home. In a traineeship, the emphasis is on developing yourself and finding out where your real talent lies. A traineeship is a combination of learning and work in which the company makes an investment in a long-term training of the starter (a traineeship takes at least 3 months and a maximum of 2 years).

The new traineeship [YouTube] 3zYjdz1TVtc [/youtube]

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