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What does Twerken mean?

Twerken is dancing with the buttocks

Twerken is a dance that you can do on your own, and where the motion of the buttocks is central. The dance actually comes from a West African dance (Mapouka dance) in which it is not only about the buttocks of the woman, but in the Western world the Twerken remains, and the focus on the buttocks. The Twerken is therefore seen as an obscene dance, aimed at the sexual. The word Twerken seems to come from the words twisting and jerking: turning and pulling. To Twerken you need loose hips that you can move back and forth. At Twerken, the aim is to move your buttocks up and down in short movements. By shaking your body briefly up and down, you try to shake your butt up and down to make a repetitive movement.

What does it mean? Fan who is at the Twerken. [YouTube]-GnmadtWiVM [/youtube]

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