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What does VSN mean?

VSN means Association of Muscle Diseases Netherlands

The VSN occurs for people with a muscular disease, where the purpose of the VSN is better quality of care and effective scientific research. In addition, the VSN has been in place since 1967 for good information and data (not only for people who have a muscular disease, but also for doctors and professional care workers). Members within the association play an important role: Many Members are active volunteers. Due to the close cooperation with professionals, bottlenecks in care and support can be identified and solved. The members of the VSN are kept informed in different ways of new developments in (scientific) research. The Princess Beatrix Fund is the main financier of the VSN and is also a major financier of scientific research into muscular diseases in the Netherlands. More information about the VSN can be found on the website.

The Guillain-Barrà © syndrome: View of recovery [YouTube] Vd-YsWM1h6I [/youtube]

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